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"Yesterday we won the [X] case. I think that your involvement as one of our experts in this case was instrumental in achieving a verdict in our favor." — Attorney Client

Why Dr. Claire Buchanan

Claire Buchanan, MD, FACSI am a fellowship trained breast surgeon and have a practice dedicated to the care of breast cancer and breast-related problems. I work in a high volume cancer center as part of a multidisciplinary team, and formerly held a medical directorship promoting quality- and evidence-based clinical practices.

I understand the needs, concerns and fears of breast cancer patients and have developed effective ways to educate patients about their options and prognoses. I take pride in my ability to describe treatment pathways and surgical procedures in straightforward, easily understood terms.

As a consultant and expert witness, I strive to be honest and ethical in all ways. I am pragmatic and direct, and call it the way I see it.


Meet Dr. Buchanan — See Video